Community Development Consulting


Passing the Baton

The Civic Challenge is a problem-based leadership program that facilitates youth stepping into the roles of their city's leadership. In these roles the youth identify a problem facing their city and use the resources their to which their leaders have access to solve the problem.

Academically-Based Approach

We have developed an interdisciplinary approach to preparing students for this program that is based on Common Core standards. A school that decides to use the program does not have to sacrifice time committed their districts required standards. We integrate the program into the curriculum and train teachers to prepare their students for the challenge. MWG will also work with your city's government, chamber of commerce, and other vested entities to design a prolific program for participants.

Community-Based Approach

We are able to work with programs that are not affiliated with schools to create a program. Though the program's content is based on Common Core standards, we can assist your organization with the development of a program that can serve the needs and interests of youth in an extracurricular program.

The Civic Challenge