Community Development Consulting


We believe every community is comprised of four basic elements. The social element is composed of social groups; such as families, peers, religious organizations, and secular groups. These groups facilitate interaction and the development of culture.

The education element socializes the members of a community and prepares them for that community's labor force, entrepreneurship and civic leadership. The economic element facilitates trade between members of a community. The government element is responsible for maintaining social order.

At one time these elements were easily identified within a local community. Now, we live in a global community where our social interaction and financial trade are conducted electronically. Travel anywhere in the world can be done in hours rather than in days. Our world has become smaller and our community has become larger.

We want to help youth operate effectively and efficiently in a community that is local in scope, as well as one that is global. We want them to have the knowledge and the ability to influence their peers, their government, and their economy as agents of social change at any level. We want this to be possible within communities that span blocks and communities that span the globe.