Community Development Consulting


Embracing the leadership process

The Talented Tenth Leadership Program is designed to empower high school-aged participants to influence their peers, their government and their economy as agents of change. Students are challenged to apply what they learn in their academic offerings to identify a problem in their community and develop a solution for it.

influencing peers

In the first phase of this program, participants are taught how to develop effective leadership skills . These skills include engaging in self-reflection, to identify talents and then transform those talents into marketable skills. Participants also learn how participate in and lead teams, using planning, organizational and motivational techniques that are based on accepted theoretical approaches.

influencing Government

In the second phase, participants learn how to engage civic leaders at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. The program facilitates the participants discovery of how government works and then provides them the opportunities to make presentations regarding their solutions to civic leaders.

influencing economy

Through a survey of microeconomics, urban economics and macroeconomics, participants learn how to improve their communities through engagement with local businesses, development of entrepreneurial ideas, and the creation of economic development programs.

Becoming agents of Change

Through this program, participants discover their capacity for bringing positive and prolific change to communities they engage. They discover that even as youth, they have the power to overcome academic, social, and economic obstacles for themselves and for their communities.

Leadership Program